Welcome to the Houston chapter of Pantsuit Republic. Please read about our current action committees below:

In addition to our local committees, Pantsuit Republic’s state-wide goals  are focused on the following 4 areas:

Women’s Equality

Women’s rights are human rights. The right of individuals to govern their own bodies, free from abuse by others or coercive interventions by the government, is fundamental to the security and freedoms of a democratically governed people. When this right is eroded by failure to advocate justly for victims of sexual assault or by limiting access to safe and expedient reproductive healthcare options, women disproportionately bear the consequences. This is especially true for women of economically disadvantaged backgrounds and contributes to a cycle of economic deprivation in these communities. The Pantsuit Republic supports action to preserve a woman’s sovereignty over her own body.


The health of a nation is directly related to the health of its people. In recent years, Texas has ranked the lowest among all states in the Union for healthcare access and affordability and second to last in preventative treatment. The shortage in healthcare coverage acutely befalls impoverished communities and those living on fixed incomes. Failure to expand access to quality care now, especially for preventative medicine, inevitably bears burdens on future state healthcare spending and impinges on the well-being, productivity and self-sufficiency of Texans. The Pantsuit Republic supports legislation to improve statewide access to affordable, quality healthcare.

Social Justice

Authentic democracy rests on the principle of equality of all people. Texas is among the most diverse states in the nation, but many forms of inequality persist in our state, in overt and subtle ways. This is reflected in discriminatory applications of law, unequal educational and economic opportunities, and systemic negligence or deliberate harm towards marginalized individuals and communities. The Pantsuit Republic supports legislative action to correct these systematic irregularities to promote justice for all.

Political Reform

The rule of law must preserve civil rights and liberties to sustain an enduring democracy. Codified protections and just practices in an open democracy are indispensable tools against arbitrary governance and the usury or suppression of vulnerable populations. To be meaningful, policies of government intended to uphold our rights and liberties against these harms require persistent monitoring and reform. The Pantsuit Republic supports legislation that promotes protections of marginalized people and equitable applications of the law. We denounce any obstruction of the democratic process or individual freedoms afforded by the Constitution.